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by Michael Smith
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Pretty woman

~ I am Goddess Eve Martini ~

Look into my eyes and try to escape my seduction if you can. I have always been told that I can mesmerize a man and capture him forever, just through my eyes & lips. Don’t you agree, little slave? Kneel before me and I will make all your submissive dreams come true. You trust me, don’t you?

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Goddess Eve Martini - beautiful dominatrix

She is Goddess Eve…

slaveboysmith: Today at DommeAddiction finds this very lucky slaveboy kneeling before a strikingly beautiful Romanian cam model and Domme who truly rules the room when she enters.  Welcome to DA, Goddess Eve Martini, and thank you for this opportunity to bow before you and have you share your story with us today.  I must say that based solely on my interviews, Romania must have the world’s most beautiful and powerful women of all! Do you agree?

Goddess Eve: Hello Michael, and thank you for having me! I totally agree because as always domination is also based on the sensuality and beauty that women have and they can apply these qualities to their submissives. Beauty and sensuality mean power and intimidation!

sbs: You are hugely popular on a number of cam sites that I will be sure to link in this feature. Have you always been dominant in your cam sessions, or is that something that you tailor to when you sense a submissive might be on the other end of the camera?

GE: I have been and always will be dominant in front of the camera. In real life when I sense a submissive and even more so when I see his interest in me, I am quite dominant. This side is something you are born with. not all women can be dominant or gain this power over submissives.

A Cam Session with a Goddess Eva Martini

sbs: How would you describe a typical Femdom cam session with Goddess Eve, and what are some of your favourite fetishes to explore during them?  

GE: My sessions usually differ from submissive to submissive. I usually like to get to know the submissive I’m with very well in that session and then try to create a well-defined connection. I believe that without a connection between Domme/submissive you cannot create a relationship of this type. Regarding my fetishes, I would say that I like to be worshiped and adored the most! Once you know how to spoil me and make me smile, I can say that you have discovered one of my biggest fetishes!

sbs: Is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you, Goddess Eve? And do you have an ideal in mind for the “perfect slave”?

GE: The ideal and specific type of submissive is one who knows how to make a Goddess feel good and appreciated! I consider the perfect slave to be the one who does not complain and fully obeys the orders and demands given by his Goddess! The rest are just amateurs!

Real-Time Sessions?

sbs: Do you also see submissives for real time sessions in addition to cam shows? If not, might that be something you explore in the future with good boys who might earn the privilege of an audience before you?

GE: The ones that would get to have me dominating and guiding them in real life, would feel truly blessed and cursed at the very same time, for obvious reasons. I did that in the past and I am not saying I will not in the future. But in the present I focus mainly on the online sessions. It’s actually rare for a sub to prove he deserves it, and also since the way that I do it online feels as real as ever.

Strict or Sensual?

sbs: In looking through your Twitter, it is obvious that using your beauty and power to completely weaken slaves is a recurring theme in many of your tweets and content.  I think the answer is obvious, but would you consider yourself more of a sensual teasing Domme or are you more sadistic and cruel?

GE: I am a sensual Goddess who knows how to use her powers through sensuality and beauty, but I can always be very cruel and merciless! It really depends on the level of obedience for the submissive I am in a session with! I usually focus on sensuality because I believe that a sensual woman is a strong woman and can very easily make any man fall under her spell!

sbs: Can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave during a session, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

GE: The feeling I get when I see a submissive trying so hard to make me feel good is one of total control and power. Of course it proves to me that again I’m doing very well at what I’m doing. His place is to be constantly in despair and torment to make me happy! It’s something I’m used to and it’s normal!

How May We Impress You, Goddess Eve?

sbs: For submissives reading this feature and looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil and make their best first impression on you, Goddess Eve?

GE: The best way they can show me that they are sincere is to fully respect my requirements. Prove to me how much they want to serve me. I rely heavily on the fact that words are useless where there are no deeds!

sbs: Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview, Goddess Eve?

GE: To my admiring worshipers, I would suggest them to come closer to me and let’s get to know each other better. I’m sure I’m the right person for their fetishes and fantasies as a true Goddess. If they don’t feel mentally or financially ready I’d suggest they start making sacrifices for a session with me!

sbs: If you would oblige me one final question…if we were conducting this interview in person, me kneeling before you as I asked my questions, overwhelmed by your beauty and dominant sensuality, how might such an interview end?

GE: Probably if you were on your knees in front of me it would never have ended but rather started with a possible real Domme/sub relationship. You would probably have been completely overwhelmed by my penetrating gaze while you were down there.

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