Goddess Ally – Foot Fetish Queen

by Michael Smith
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She is the irresistible Goddess Ally Etana. She loves turning men into leaking, whimpering, sobbing messes who are willing to do whatever it takes to make Her happy. This week’s iWantClips Feature Domme requires obedience, honesty, and selfless service from you.

Goddess Ally white tee and yoga pants

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Friend Zone Forever

Boot Cleaning Bitch

Pump For Princess

Things to know about Goddess Ally:

  • Her sensual voice will turn that cock to granite, making you immediately susceptible & weak for Goddess Ally. Once she has you hard and vulnerable, she will turn you into a pathetic simp like you never imagined.
  • Her perfect feet are a weapon. Whether you already have a raging foot fetish, or you soon will, Goddess uses her beautiful toes, high arches and perfect sized feet to disarm, enchant and enslave any man before her.
  • While many Dommes are classic Dominatrix visions of leather, latex and toys, Goddess has an irresistible girl next door meets Domme vibe about her that is particularly dangerous. You will lust for her, you will obey her and you will fall in love with her. The level of servitude she will take you into is truly remarkable as you beg to please the girl of your dreams!

Links to Goddess Ally’s Femdom World:



Throne Wishlist

WishTender Wishlist

Other Links to Goddess Ally

Goddess Ally green shiny bikini
Goddess Ally blue dress cleavage
Goddess Ally loser symbol barefoot

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