Mistress Enola – Sadistic Foot Princess

by Michael Smith
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princess enola foot worship

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Follow the links, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender.  Princess Enola says…so obey like a good boy!

Enola foot gagging

Foot Gagging Re-Hab

slaveboysmith: I think it’s safe to say that no one in Femdom does foot gagging quite as perfectly and thoroughly as you do, Princess Enola. How does it feel to watch a man eagerly try to swallow your foot without gagging, ultimately failing? Is it amusing to watch them, knowing the desperate need they have to please you? And what is it that makes a slave a good foot slut, able to swallow and please you on demand?

Princess Enola: The best part about it is the degradation and humiliation…I’m your Goddess and I’m fucking your mouth as hard as I want to, and I have full control. The desperation is happening sooner or later. In order for this to work the slave has to: not make me feel the teeth and stick that tongue out 🙂

Panicking Under My Ass

sbs: You have a delectably perfect Princess ass, obviously, but in this clip you use it as a weapon to the point of a slave losing consciousness! As you press down, taking away his vital ability to breath, and as he squirms desperately trying to take in air, how powerful must you feel in that moment, Princess Enola? And your reaction to the way he gasps when you do permit him short breaths is both erotic and terrifying btw!

PE: Haha I’m just being myself. He knows his role, and he has to obey to all I demand. He has to show me his devotion and loyalty constantly. No matter what, I am first. I feel powerful and adored.

Failed Facesitting Challenge Destroys His Balls

sbs: I think we established in the previous clip the power you hold in your exquisite little ass as you press it down onto a slave’s face, but as eager as they are to please, some will fail to hold on long enough, stay still enough, or worship appropriately, Princess Enola. And those who disappoint Princess are punished immediately. What type of punishment do you deem appropriate when a slave fails to please you when used as a seat cushion, and once pinned down, I can only imagine the helplessness they experience with their cock and balls so vulnerable to your cruel consequences!

PE: It’s just fun for me to be honest and the position is perfect to kick …my feet are right there. I mean, are you really gonna risk the chance? Haha I’m literally over you so don’t be dumb and do as I say!

I Love Standing on Your Head While You Worship My Feet

sbs: The privilege of worshiping Mistress Enola feet must be earned, and having you stand with your full weight on this slave’s head while he licks and kisses your toes is a delicious blend of pleasure and pain! Is this type of activity something that must be worked up to by Enola feet worship submissives, or is this only for those who truly are devoted to you? And even for this devoted submissive, your swift kick to his balls was never far away. What is it about ball busting that so pleases you Princess?

PE: Yes, just as you said, to worship my feet is a privilege, something to be grateful for. That’s why it won’t be that easy 😉 You gotta handle some pain to deserve it. About the ballbusting, it’s just very easy and it makes them squirm and cry with no effort on my part.


sbs: This clip actually comes with a warning to “not do this at home”! I don’t think I’d be alone in underestimating your cruelty based on your young looks, beautiful smile and somewhat innocent looks. Do you enjoy surprising a slave with your viciousness when warranted as they would never expect it? Perhaps a new title should be bestowed upon you, Princess Enola, as the “girl next door who will break your face”!

PE: Well…as I always say, I will be the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to you. xx

enola foot worship
princess enola femdom
princess enola foot worship

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