Divine Goddess Adela – Welcome to Divineland

by Michael Smith
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Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  This is an exclusive sneak peek. We are seeing all of this FIRST before even Goddess Adela Divine begins teasing it to the public.

Release dates for these upcoming clip classics are listed below. Goddess Adela Divine says…so obey like a good boy and buy each clip as it releases!

Divine licking pink whip

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Divineland (Release: 02/12/2024)

The spotlight clip in this feature is the incredible Divineland, an immersive mindfuck experience like no other. Let your journey begin with a guided dive into the rabbit hole you’ll never recover from.

slaveboysmith: What can you share of your creation of Divineland, Goddess Adela? Clearly this is a place that all weak and submissive men will eagerly wish to explore. What awaits them once they dive deep down the rabbit hole you’ve created for them?

Goddess Adela Divine: Obviously inspired by Alice In Wonderland, I thought it the perfect opportunity to really get inside My boys minds & truly immerse them in the world of DIVINELAND. ✨ Once they find themselves spiraling down My rabbit hole, they’ll be presented with the vibrant, ultimate mind fuck… full of unique potions, visuals, a tempting soft blue outfit that accentuates My curves while being fed My Divine word, transcending into a whole new world created by yours truly.

Slow, Sensual Wallet Milking (Release: 02/14/2024)

sbs: Deeper and deeper, you draw us in and sensually take everything. When you describe this as one of your sexiest clips to date, that is a high bar to set given how incredible your previous works have been. What can you share about this upcoming experience, and what might we desperate slaves expect in this HOT clip?

GAD: I can only get better and just when you think I can’t, I blow your minds all over again! Think slow and torturous with this one… My honeyed voice purring dirty things in your ear, urging you to stroke at a nice slow pace while I tease you with My killer curves and extract every bit of cash I desire. Reinforcing how GOOD it feels to Pay The Divine, the way it sends a shock straight to your cock and makes you THROB for Me! The rest is for you to find out. 😉

On Your Knees For the Divine (Release: 02/16/2024)

sbs: Kneeling before a beautiful woman is a powerful experience for any man. The power exchange is palpable and we love it as you look down upon us. How does it feel to have us looking up at you devotedly, knowing there is nothing we won’t do to please you?

GAD: It feels completely natural and like all the stars have aligned perfectly for this moment.✨As a Goddess on earth, men gazing up at Me on their knees is a daily activity. Knowing I have My devoted Adela Addicts ready to take action for Me makes Me feel powerful, feminine and absolutely Divine!💖🕊️

Divine Dungeon Master (Release: 02/19/2024)

sbs: Playing games with you is both irresistible and dangerous, Goddess Adela. Using your amazing cleavage, you create a game we can never win. How does it feel to know that despite this reality, men worldwide cannot resist playing your erotic games?

GAD: I LOVE games and if you’ve been following Me for awhile, you know I have a nerdy streak! Though I do love creating games that show boys exactly who has the upper hand here…and always will 😉 Knowing slaves worldwide can’t resist fills Me with joy and raw POWER! Then again… watching boys crumble and fall at their feet for Me has always invoked those feelings. I just fucking love it!

Sent, Goddess (Release: 02/21/2024)

sbs: Your two favourite words echo in our minds as we send more and more. Can any man be persuaded to slip into financial domination? And once you have them spiraling, how do you know when they have reached their threshold and are broken for you, Goddess Adela?

GAD: Absolutely, any man can slip into financial domination. In fact, a lot of subs that approach Me for other kinks often end up tangled in My sensual Findom ways. It starts with one tribute and they realize how amazing it feels to pay Me. They begin to feel pleasure from My delight and happiness. They end up LOVING providing a soft life for Me! Completely addicted to becoming more and more fucked for Me. I know I’ve broken that subby little brain when they become mumbling messes. From full sentences to, “oh fuck Goddess”. ✨😏

Merciless Chastity Tease (Release: 02/23/2024)

sbs: Once you lock a man away, the true torment begins. How might Goddess Adela Divine describe the feeling as you watch the surge of your Divinity flood over a slave’s mind as the cage tightens like a shrinking prison on their manhood?

GAD: Ohhh it charges Me up bigggg time! Watching the exact moment a sub fully accepts handing over control of their pleasure… realizing there’s so much more bliss within denial, it’s erotic. Fucking electrifying! Teasing is quite possibly My favorite thing about what I do so seeing the moment one becomes addicted to My Divinity… HOT🔥

Divine red lips and tongue cleavage
Divine chastity keys
Divine purple lingerie

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