Clips4Sale Coding Errors

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How many models do you know that sell their content on 3 sites or more? How about 5 or more?

You probably know a lot of them that sell their content multiple sites, in fact who isn’t involved with multiple sites? You would be limiting your if not, I mean there is so much more money in having your content on multiple sites. Everyone knows that!

These are all pretty obvious questions, but nothing can be as obvious as Clips4Sale’s coding errors that have been so prevalent in models conversations on Twitter.

What seems to be happening is grammatical inaccuracies, spelling errors, spacing and line breaks are affecting models clip descriptions, titles and just about anything else that runs on a page. For those that actually take the time to write descriptions, which includes most everyone no matter what platform you’re on it’s a bit annoying when you have to go through every single description to see (at no fault of your own) if you’ve been affected by a relatively simple code fix. What happens when you’re the owner of a top studio and you have over 2000 clip descriptions to look through and edit? We’ll leave that to you to answer and if you don’t know what, “HTML” means we’ll explain.

HTML stands for, “Hypertext Markup Language” and it’s used to tag elements of a hypertext document (the page you look at online). It is the standard protocol for formatting and displaying documents on the Internet.

We heard it too. Standard protocol.

Whether you’re missing a payout, have trouble remembering the 10 plus passwords you need to access the sites your on. The last thing you want is technical issues, it’s something completely out of your hands. Who knows how to write code? The only people we know that write code have completed a full four and sometimes even six year degree in a computer science related field. Yeah, not for us and of course not for you.

As we get farther and farther into the future, and as technology increases and expectations from platforms like C4S gets higher. These types of instances ultimately are going to be what brings a site down, not all at once but slowly. Clips4Sale has been around the longest, almost a 15 year run to date.

Hopefully they withstand the ever growing demand of their users and have the ability to accommodate them; because from the looks of it, their recent competition such as iWantClips and ManyVids surely do!

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