Clip Review: With Me Is Where You Belong – Featuring Goddess Foxx

by Michael Smith
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Imagine being Miss Foxx’s live-in full time cuckold bitch. In this mind-blowing clip the stupendous, Ebony Dominatrix, Miss Foxx, clad in latex and fishnet stockings, looks down and speaks directly to you, Her bitch to tell you how she will mold you into the boy you have always wanted to be: Her cuckold chastity bitch. Submitting to Her Glorious Ebony pussy, all your dreams will come true and Her ways will ensure you will want to be at Her feet for the rest of your life.


The clip starts with am amazingly sexy, crossed-legged, Miss Foxx looking down imperiously, yet benignly on you, Her devoted bitch.

“ You’re going to spend the rest of your life with me,…spend time with me, serve me, make me happy! Its what you’ve always wanted and if you are a good boy, I will make it happen. You’ve found your place with me, tiny-dicked white bitch – aren’t you so lucky?”

Already you are transfixed as you look up at this apparition of Black Female Supremacy. Her exuding power overwhelms you and you want to give Her whatever She desires.


Once Miss Foxx establishes Her position She sweetly lays out the ground rules if you are to serve as Her bitch.

“You are going to be a very good boy for Mistress because you love Me, don’t you? I will lock up your dick; you will be in total chastity, we’ll clean your device and then lock you back up again. Your erections belong to me”

Then in a slow hypnotic voice She reiterates,



Her voice is in your bitch mind. Not only is Miss Foxx spectacularly beautiful She is a clever Alpha Female.. She knows you were born to serve. Once this Ebony Goddess knows she has total control over your tiny dick, the camera moves down as Miss Foxx uncrosses her legs and reveals her red-pantied encased Sacred Place. This is Pussy Power at its greatest. Now She tells you why She has chosen you as Her full-time cuckold bitch.


“Its so good that you have a tiny dick, you have a perfect dick for a bitch” You could never be my lover, so you are my bitch”


As She sexily moves her hand up her shapely ebony legs She tells you what your future holds, as She smiles serenely. Its hard for you to know whether to look at Her beguiling smile or the strip of red between Her Legs; The Garden of Eden that only lucky RealMen are allowed to enter.

“My RealMan has a big dick and you will be serving him as well as me. Isn’t it good that You will be able to serve a big-dicked RealMan?”


As the camera closes in on Her Sacred Place, Miss Foxx knows that you, Her locked -up cuckold bitch will obey Her forever but never have satisfaction. She will tease you and deny you with the power of Her Pussy.


Now She tells you how good life will be in total servitude to the Divine Goddess, Miss Foxx… for both of you!

“I really appreciate your servitude white boy, the future is going to be so good for us. It’s what you’ve always wanted. You treat Mistress right and I’ll treat you right. You’ll be a good boy for Mistress, won’t you? You’ll be a very good boy for Mistress!


Then the dreamy promise of the blissful D/s future for you as Her owned bitch as Her beautifully manicured hands sexily and teasingly caresses her legs and That Sacred Place. You have no choice but to fall to your knees gazing up in worship of to powerful Pussy.

“This is just the beginning, white boy……just the beginning.”


This is an amazingly horny clip. Not just the sensational visuals and crafted editing of an Ethereally Beautiful and Sexy Goddess; but Her sensual hypnosis of the male viewer. You will answer the call and be Her slave. This is a five star clip.

Clip Name: With Me Is Where You Belong
Models In The Clip: Goddess Foxx
Date Reviewed: September 17th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $5.99

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