Clip Review: This Time For Real – Blackmail – Featuring Miss London Lix and Goddess Jasmine Jones

by Michael Smith
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The allure of the blackmail fantasy is overpowering for many men.  The idea of women as beautiful as Miss London Lix and Goddess Jasmine having absolute power over you is intoxicating.  This enticing and seductive blackmail clip sets itself apart from others in the sheer eroticism of it.  Watching these two perfect Goddesses teasing and tempting the viewer, luring them into an inescapable trap, is mindbending.  Using their perfect breasts, gorgeous beauty and irresistible asses, Miss Lix and Goddess Jasmine leave the viewer in a totally vulnerable and weak state of mind.  A condition these seductresses know very well how to take advantage of!


I won’t lie, this clip is addictive.  I’ve watched it many times and each time I feel weaker.  You will surrender to their seduction and by the time you’ve watched the entire clip, there’s nothing you won’t do to please Miss Lix and Goddess Jasmine.  They are the perfect temptresses and know exactly how to make you weak for them.  Give them everything they need to hold you captive.  Don’t hold back.  Make this as real as you can and give control over to them fully.  As long as you do as you’re told and are a good boy, they promise to keep your information very safe.  Can you imagine the mix of fear and arousal that comes with stroking to these gorgeous Dommes knowing that they have the power to ruin you if you disobey even just a little bit? This is as real as it gets and you know you don’t want to resist.  Stop playing on the edge of your blackmail fantasy and give in to your desires.  Buying this amazing clip is the beginning of realizing what true, real blackmail is all about.  Enjoy the ride!


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Clip Name: This Time For Real – Blackmail
Models In The Clip: Miss London Lix and Goddess Jasmine Jones
Date Reviewed: May 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $6.99

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