Clip Review: Think of Me – Featuring Trixie Miss

by Michael Smith
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<span class='highlight_me'><b>Think</b></span> Of Me

Life can get so confusing and overwhelming for all of us, now can’t it? The stress of the everyday grind as you focus way too much attention on your own life, and not nearly enough on how you can be a better slave to the gorgeous Trixie Miss.  That’s right, it’s time to shift your attention to where it always belongs.  It’s time to devote your thoughts to pleasing and serving your blonde Goddess more and more each day.  In this sensually erotic clip, allow yourself to pour over every perfect curve of Trixie Miss in her metallic shiny catsuit.  Take in the stunning beauty of her long blonde hair and beautiful face.  As she traces her hands up and down that body that makes you so weak, commit yourself to thinking only of her.  Let your mind fade to nothing but thoughts of her happiness.


You’ve had your priorities all wrong, slaveboy.  True happiness and bliss is only going to be attainable when you put Trixie Miss first and let go of your daily worries.  Let her soothe away your stress as you stroke to her perfection, as you surrender to her commands and let your mind go.  She’ll take very good care of you, stroker boy.  As long as you do exactly as she says, your life will be perfect.  You do want to be the perfect good boy for Trixie Miss now, don’t you?

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Clip Name: Think of Me
Models In The Clip: Trixie Miss
Date Reviewed: May 12th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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