Clip Review: The Masked Maiden – Featuring Princess Rene

by Michael Smith
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The Masked Maiden

She’s obviously had a little to drink, she’s drop-dead gorgeous, and the girl in the mask has wandered into the bathroom with the express purpose of flirting.  The party has been great to this point but when the perfect blonde Princess wanders in and starts to tease and tempt, you think this will be the greatest night of your life.  What harm could there be in flirting with this anonymous Temptress in a mask, right? And when she convinces you to take your cock out and stroke as she teases you with her flawless body, you don’t even hesitate.
The girl in the mask can tempt you into anything, can’t she? Is it the drinks you had earlier, the anonymous nature of this unexpected encounter, or just how damn hot this young girl is? Whatever the combination, you’re not resisting one bit.  And as she talks you into jerking off for her, you don’t hold back.  You still don’t even connect the dots when she takes your picture as you’re furiously pumping your dick.  She wants to remember this night forever, she tells you, and you stroke on until you explode for the beautiful masked maiden.  Once she has you exactly where she wants, it’s time for the mask to come off.  How do you feel when you realize she’s Rene from one of your classes, professor? Is your heart racing? The picture! She has everything she needs to ruin you and in return for keeping your dirty little secret, she owns you! Straight “A’s” for Princess Rene and all her cheerleader friends seems a small price to pay to keep the life you’ve built, doesn’t it? But don’t think you’re off the hook that easy.  Princess Rene has your life wrapped around her little finger, and she’ll make sure to use it to her fullest advantage. 
Such a wickedly sexy clip from the beautiful Princess Rene.  She looks amazing, is seductive as can be, and the switch of theme from teasing JOI to blackmail is very erotic.  Enjoy this must have clip from the one and only Princess Rene!

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Clip Name: The Masked Maiden
Models In The Clip: Princess Rene
Date Reviewed: August 20th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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