Clip Review: The Hunted – Featuring Mistress Meana Wolf

by Michael Smith
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You lay there completely helpless and wonder how this happened.  One minute you’re tracking down the infamous Vampire Mistress Meana, and now you lay there unable to move. Your will to resist is the first thing to drain from you and that’s just the beginning.  She approaches and her voice excites and arouses you.  Your heart races and your cock hardens as she opens her coat and she reveals her perfect body in stockings, heels and sheer lingerie.  She moves between your legs and begins to tease and seduce.  She commands you to take your pants off and you obey without hesitation.  You’re shocked at the complete absence of any resistance within you.  What has this gorgeous beauty done to you?!
As her tongue begins to tease your cock, and as she takes it in her hand, you feel yourself harder than ever before.  Her mouth is magical and no woman has ever made you feel this good.  She looks at you and transforms right before your eyes. You knew what she was, but seeing those icy blue eyes and fangs appear out of nowhere is startling and scares the hell out of you! Still you lay there, unable to scream or flee.  She wants a taste and you know you’re in no position to refuse her anything.  As her sharp fangs sink into your neck you feel your soul being drained from you just a little.  Her power is all consuming.  Nothing has ever felt like this.  As she returns her attention to your cock, you glance down and watch those needle sharp fangs tracing along the shaft of your cock and you know that you should have stopped this before it reached this point.  She has you right where she wants you and as her hand and mouth work your cock you feel yourself slipping beyond the point of any return.  She’s broken your resistance, tasted your life force and now she’s about to drain your cock and balls of every drop of cum in the most mindfucking orgasm you’ll ever experience.  That feeling is like a drug and once you’ve experienced it, nothing any other woman could do for you will matter.  From this moment forward, you are the owned property of Vampire Seductress, Meana Wolf. 

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Clip Name: The Hunted
Models In The Clip: Mistress Meana Wolf
Date Reviewed: September 22nd,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $14.99

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