Clip Review: The Henchman Returns – Featuring Goddess Sophia Stone

by Michael Smith
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They say cleavage kills…okay maybe they don’t, but if they saw Goddess Sophia Stone in action in this breathtaking black catsuit and boots ensemble, they’d agree truer words were never spoken! As a world renowned assassin, Goddess Sophia must deal with newcomers always trying to take her place or protect their interests by removing her from the equation.  But, as this pathetic henchman quickly learns, he’s no match for the amazon Goddess in black!


Watch as Goddess Sophia toys with her prey, much as a cat does with a mouse.  The outcome is never in doubt, yet Goddess Sophia affords her pathetic opponent a few gratuitous grabs of her spectacular ass and to grind himself hard against her firm body.  Just as the henchman begins to think he may have the upper hand, he’s flipped onto his back and pinned one final time.  Wrapping her powerful thighs around his mid-section, Goddess Sophia puts him out of his pathetic existence once and for all.  Standing over him, the conquering Goddess plays with his limp corpse as she stomps him with her sexy high heel boot for good measure, making sure he’ll never be an issue for her again. 

When I saw Goddess Sophia in this sexy black catsuit and boots outfit, honestly, it wouldn’t matter what the clip theme was, I was going to buy it! She looks smoking hot! What a body! Most men would just fall to their knees in her presence looking as she does, so good for the henchman for even trying to put up a fight! If you like watching a powerful woman completely dominate her slave physically and look amazing while doing so, this is a must have clip for you! Goddess Sophia, I beg of you, please make more clips in this outfit.  My God you look incredible!!

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Clip Name: The Henchman Returns
Models In The Clip: Goddess Sophia Stone
Date Reviewed: June 27th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.00

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