Clip Review: The Girlfriend Game – Featuring Goddess Jessica

by Michael Smith
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You try so hard to escape her clutches, to move ahead and find a “normal” relationship, but no matter how hard you try to break free, the stunning Goddess Jessica always finds a way to lure you back into her seductive web.  You’ve arranged a date, and you’re hoping this might lead somewhere as this girl is not like all the rest. You might have a real chance at a relationship with this one, but as you listen to Goddess Jessica telling you she doesn’t think you have a chance to get a girlfriend, you realize she’s up to something.  She’s toying with you…she’s manipulating you, and before long you’ve agreed to a bet on whether you can be successful in finding a girlfriend.  Succeed, and she’ll let you go free, but if you fail, and she’s quite certain you will, you owe her a tribute for every month you remain single. 
Normally, you might have a chance in this game.  You’re not unattractive, and this girl you have a date with tonight seems like things might be promising.  What you didn’t factor in was Goddess Jessica’s desire to sabotage you and to tease you into stroking for her before your date.  We all know how this will end, don’t we? No man could hold back and not cum when Goddess Jessica commands it and teases it out of you.  And after she tells you that she wants you to stay home and stroke to her clips, suddenly your date seems like a big disappointment by comparison.  I guess another month of being single…or two won’t hurt.  It will drain your wallet though!

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Clip Name: The Girlfriend Game
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: August 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $14.99

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