Clip Review: Teasing a Naughty Husband – Featuring Princess Ashley

by Michael Smith
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Princess Ashley knows exactly what you’re doing…what you’re thinking about and what you want.  Every time you visit the mall and slip away from your wife pretending to do some shopping, Princess knows it’s just a pathetic excuse to perv out on young girls with perfect bodies like hers.  Dressed in her sexy little shirt and leggings, you can’t take your eyes off her perfect curves, can you? She’s watching you and knows exactly the effect her beauty has on you.  She’s young and irresistible and if you want your little secret perv sessions kept a secret from that wife of yours, you’d better be ready to spoil your gorgeous Princess!


This is a custom clip created for a very lucky slaveboy who clearly has excellent taste in Dommes.  Princess Ashley looks UNBELIEVABLY hot in her leggings and uses her stunning cleavage to tease you throughout the clip.  Fans of young, dominant brats taking control of older men who should know better but simply can’t resist, will love this clip! Princess Ashley is the ultimate seductress and she knows an easy mark when she sees one.  Your perving has landed you in her web and she’s going to make you PAY to stay quiet about it! Enjoy being owned by this exquisitely sexy spoiled brat!

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Clip Name: Teasing a Naughty Husband
Models In The Clip: Princess Ashley
Date Reviewed: June 13th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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