Clip Review: Suffer – Featuring Princess Ceara Lynch

by Michael Smith
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It’s effortless really.  A woman as beautiful and seductive as Ceara Lynch toys with men’s desires with ease.  One glimpse of her perfect long legs and tight butt in leggings and you’re done.  Your weakness for her is written all over your face, just like the drool covering your chin.  Suffer for your desires as Princess Ceara wraps you around her little finger so easily it’s laughable. 
You can’t take your eyes off her perfect curves and Princess Ceara has you under her spell.  Be a good boy and do exactly as she tells you…you really don’t have any choice anyways, now do you slaveboy?
She’s the ultimate seductive Temptress, and looks breathtaking in shiny black leggings and heels.  Ceara Lynch is a woman no man could even dream of resisting.  You might as well give up now.  She owns you and has since the instant you first laid eyes upon her stunning beauty.  Buying this clip will only deepen your desperation and make you ache for even more.  You’ve been warned, but of course you’re going to buy this clip anyways.  You can’t help yourself and Princess Ceara loves taking advantage of that weakness!

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Clip Name: Suffer
Models In The Clip: Princess Ceara Lynch
Date Reviewed: November 22nd,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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