Clip Review: Stripper Rip OFF – Featuring Goddess Kendra Kennedy

by Michael Smith
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Stripper Rip OFF

It’s Friday after work and you’ve decided to head to the local strip club with some friends from the office.  The plan is for one drink and then head home to your wife.  When you walk in the music pulses and through the dim light you see a woman that can only be described as the hottest woman you’ve ever laid eyes upon.  She’s tall, blonde and perfect. She’s a Goddess in every sense of the word.  Spectacular curves and perfect, huge breasts accentuated in her cutout pink skintight dress and you can’t take your eyes off of her.


Sensing your weakness instantly, the gorgeous Goddess Kendra approaches and taking you by the hand leads you into the private VIP room where she begins to tempt and tease you as she dances.  Her beauty is intoxicating and all you want to do is please her.  When she suggests a little “something” to enhance your experience and hands you a pill, you don’t even hesitate.  It’s so easy for her to lure you in and make you do anything she desires, isn’t it? Watching her lick and suck a huge rubber dildo, you feel your cock bursting for release. Your head is swirling and you try to focus.  What has she given you? And why is making you so easy to persuade.  You hear her ask for your wallet and without hesitation you reach into your pocket and pass it over to her open hand.  Nothing she asks for will be denied.  Your resistance is completely gone. 

A beautiful woman like Goddess Kendra can be extremely persuasive and control men easily.  As a perfect striptease seductress in this clip, she is spellbinding.  Watch her take total control and wonder if you’d have the will to resist her sensual advances or be lured into her web.  What an amazing clip by a spectacular blonde Goddess!

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Clip Name: Stripper Rip OFF
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kendra Kennedy
Date Reviewed: June 16th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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