Clip Review: Slave To Summer – Featuring Mistress Summer Brielle

by Michael Smith
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Look over at her…Mistress Summer is magnificent in red latex and heels, and when she beckons you with her finger and tells you to crawl to her feet, you obey without question.  She is as beautiful as any woman you have ever laid eyes upon, and you feel your cock harden instantly.  But today isn’t about your pleasure, Mistress Summer explains.  You will serve your Mistress by pleasuring her with your tongue and nothing more.  Women like Mistress Summer get to cum, slaves like you are to be used as toys for her pleasure.  Lay back as she slips her latex panties aside and lowers herself down onto your face as your tongue eagerly works to please her. 
You are such a lucky boy to be blessed with the privilege of worshiping a woman so beautiful and your cock throbs even without touching it.  Lick her as she rides your face and pleasures herself on your tongue.  That’s a good boy. Know your place…you are nothing more than a sex toy for your Dominant Goddess.  Mistress Summer will ride your face until she cums and then dismiss you.  No pleasure for you today, except knowing that you have pleased your Mistress.  Crawl away until Mistress Summer needs your tongue again.  Ache for her as you taste her essence on your face.  She is magnificently perfect and you’ll never be closer to heaven than today. 
What a stunning vision Mistress Summer Brielle is in her red latex, and her sensual domination style is so alluring.  Any slave would be privileged to be in the position of her facesitting slaveboy.  Let’s hope we see more of Mistress Summer using men as her playtoys.  She is a natural Domme and looks incredible.  She is everything any slave could desire, and knows how to use her sensual style to tease and control men with ease.  This clip is incredible and a must buy for any fan of sensual domination and sexual roleplay!

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Clip Name: Slave To Summer
Models In The Clip: Mistress Summer Brielle
Date Reviewed: January 26th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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