Clip Review: Slave Cum Extraction – Featuring Mistress Helly Hellfire

by Michael Smith
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Bound in leather straps, cock and balls exposed and flesh oiled, her slave waits as Mistress Helly’s heels click on the hard floor as she approaches.  Dressed in thigh high black leather boots, fishnet stockings and a cleavage revealing black leather top with matching hotpants, Mistress looks gorgeous as hell and is ready to milk her slave.  He’s been denied for a very long time, and she’s used his desire against him.  His desperation is palpable and as she touches his cock, even slightly, it’s like a jolt of electricity through his body.  He’s so aroused that with every stroke he rides the edge.  Mistress Helly is an expert in slow teasing her slave’s perfect cock, keeping it on the verge of exploding without actually allowing it to happen. 
Her slave knows he may not cum without permission and his efforts to hold back are intense as can be.  The agony he feels is written all over his face, and as Mistress Helly continues to stroke and tease him, his resolve breaks down little by little.  Finally, mercifully, Mistress Helly pushes him over the edge and milks his cock of every drop of desire built over such a long period of denial.  Of course, what fun would it be for Mistress if she stopped there? Feel his pain as Mistress continues stroking her slave even after he’s cum and laughs at his suffering.  Keeping her slaves on edge by denying them, and compliant by milking them, Mistress Helly knows exactly how to control a man!
From the instant she walks on screen, Mistress Helly is a vision in Femdom perfection.  Her outfit is breathtaking and on her spectacular curves, the leather could bring any man to his knees.  Watching her tease and control her slave’s thick cock is a privilege and makes you wish you could be in his place.  An outstanding clip from a drop-dead gorgeous Domme at a very reasonable price, this clip is must buy for any slave! Enjoy 🙂

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Clip Name: Slave Cum Extraction
Models In The Clip: Mistress Helly Hellfire
Date Reviewed: December 3rd,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $6.99

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