Clip Review: Seductive Leather Glove Handsmother – Featuring Lady Fyre

by Michael Smith
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The feel, the scent, the meaning of black leather…it casts a spell over so many of us men.  In this highly erotic clip, Lady Fyre makes sure her prisoner takes in the scent of leather  as she traces the gloves she holds over his face, letting him inhale the aroma.  Running her hands all over his body, he feels that soft leather caressing his skin, and stroking his rock hard erection.  Lady Fyre is almost predatory in this clip as she circles her prey repeatedly, probing for weakness, gauging his responses to her erotic teasing, and waiting patiently to strike.  With the promise of erotic stroking, and the prize of cumming, she arouses him until it’s too late for him to realize her endgame.  The first glove smother isn’t too long, and is just enough to make his heart race a little as she gives him a glimpse of the power she holds over him.  After some more stroking and teasing, it’s time to see how far this slave can be pushed. 
Fyre1 Fyre2
Each time Lady Fyre smothers her slave with her black leather gloves, the duration is extended and the reaction of her slave is more animated.  You can literally see the fear in his eyes and the tension in his body as she starves him of the oxygen he so desperately needs.  More teasing to keep him hard and willing follows and with the lure of a mindbending orgasm, Lady Fyre keeps him from protesting even a little.  She smothers with one hand while stroking him to the edge with her other, all while watching him closely to see his responses to her touch.  He thinks he’ll cum but Lady Fyre has other plans.  Taking her hand off his throbbing cock, glistening with precum, she smothers him with both gloves and announces that he won’t be cumming ever again.  She’s going to finish him off and as he fades out of consciousness into that dark abyss, the realization of what is happening to him turns from terror to acceptance as the slave realizes he’s overmatched by a woman as seductive and powerful as Lady Fyre.  He’s fallen into her trap and will pay the ultimate price for his lustful desires. 
When Lady & Mr. Fyre began filming together more and more, I simply couldn’t get enough of their content.  The ultimate Alpha couple is so perfect together, whether they are both Dominant and they are teasing a faggot slave or cuckold, or Lady Fyre is dominating him as her slave, as in this fantastic clip.  I loved this Executrix clip and the glove smothering and stroking is so erotic.  The lustful part of me wishes she has allowed him to shoot a huge cumload as she smothered him to death, but perhaps that’s the plan for another clip in the future.  Whatever they do, know that this couple has some twisted and kinky ideas and their clips are always of the highest quality and perfect erotic cinema. 

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Clip Name: Seductive Leather Glove Handsmother
Models In The Clip: Lady Fyre
Date Reviewed: February 25th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $11.99
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