Clip Review: Seducing Your Wallet With My Ass – Featuring Princess Rene

by Michael Smith
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She knows exactly what your weakness is and she knows how to best exploit it.  You’ve drooled over her perfect bubble butt for long enough that Princess Rene knows you’ll do anything for just a peek at those sexy pink panties underneath her sexy blue dress.
You don’t stand a chance of resisting her as Princess Rene teases you with her gorgeous tight ass, wrapping you tighter around her finger.  She knows she’s hot, she knows you can’t say no, and she wants you to please her.  If you want to admire that sexy little ass of hers, Princess Rene wants to be spoiled and pampered.  You’ll buy her anything for the chance to see her lift up her dress, right? Beg and grovel like a little piggy for the privilege of seeing her perfect ass.  A simple arrangement is made…you buy her stuff and she’ll show you what you want to see so badly.  Simple and perfect.  Give Princess Rene everything she wants and she’ll let you be her little butt boy loser!

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Clip Name: Seducing Your Wallet With My Ass
Models In The Clip: Princess Rene
Date Reviewed: October 7th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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