Clip Review: Security Code – Featuring Princess Ceara Lynch & Mistress Mandy Flores

by Michael Smith
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Security Code

Some bank robbers use brute force and threats, others clever scheming to plan out the heist in great detail.  And while those strategies work to varying degrees, women like the gorgeous Princess Ceara Lynch and Mistress Mandy Flores have a very different, and flawless plan that is guaranteed to get them access to the money they seek.  The plan is really quite simple.  Both Goddesses are well aware of your weakness for sexy strippers and lure you into a trap you’ll never escape.  Watch as they tease and tempt you before offering you a drink to help you relax and enjoy the best night of your life. 
Both Ceara and Mandy look breathtaking in sexy lingerie, and as they stroke each other’s beautiful bodies and kiss, you sip the special drink they’ve made for you.  Feeling your head begin to swirl a little, the Temptresses begin prying you for information about a security code from work.  If you were thinking clearly, you’d recognize what was happening to you, but the combination of sleeping pills and Viagra they’ve slipped into your drink has you as hard as ever, groggy and unable to think clearly.  You can’t take your eyes off the show going on in front of you on that hotel room bed.  You want Princess Ceara’s beautiful lips on your rock hard cock, and her perfect breasts in your face.  Mistress Mandy’s long legs and world-class ass are driving you wild, and before you realize it, you’ve given them exactly what they want.  You never stood a chance and as your vision blurs, the wicked duo before you begins to count you down, betting on whether you’ll cum, or pass out, first!

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Clip Name: Security Code
Date Reviewed: January 9th,2016
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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