Clip Review: Risky Release – Featuring Princess Meggerz

by Michael Smith
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Risky Release

Almost immediately, the alluring Princess Meggerz will seduce and entrance you in this erotic JOI clip that is a must buy for any homewrecker fans out there.  The clip begins with the gorgeous Princess laying back and tempting you about how your woman is right next door, yet here you are watching her and ready to stroke that rock hard cock in your pants.  She teasingly suggests that you’ll have to make sure you’re really quiet so you don’t get caught.  As the clip continues, and as your desire for Princess Meggerz grows, it becomes clear that the riskier the stroking is, the more Princess is pleased.  As she uses her spectacular breasts to completely disarm any resistance you might hold onto, Princess commands you to moan her name while you stroke for her.


You begin moaning softly, but the wicked Princess isn’t going to let you get off that easily, of course.  No…if you want to cum while watching the absolutely irresistible Princess Meggerz, you’ll moan her name loudly and proudly, no matter the consequence.  The only question is whether a world-shattering orgasm under the command of this wicked temptress is worth losing everything you have with your wife.  One glance at how perfect she is and the answer is simple and beyond your control.  Surrender to Princess Meggerz as you jerk your cock for her, moan her name louder and louder and try to last through one of the most erotic cum countdowns of all time! Since interviewing her, my addiction to all things Meggerz has grown exponentially and I have to say, she is one of the sexiest, and most alluring women I have ever come across.  Nothing she demands of you is too much.  You’ll do as she asks because once she has you hard you simply cannot say no.  Wives can be replaced, and yours certainly will after watching this clip, but a woman as beautiful and seductive and wicked as Princess Meggerz is one of a kind!

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Meggerz3 Meggerz2

Clip Name: Risky Release
Models In The Clip: Princess Meggerz
Date Reviewed: May 3rd,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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