Clip Review: Respond To My Image Hypnosis 2 – Featuring Trixie Miss

by Michael Smith
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The gorgeous blue-eyed blonde Temptress, Trixie Miss, is back in this 2nd installment of hypnotic mindfucking that will leave even the strongest of slaves completely under her spell! To catch up, you can purchase Part 1 of this incredible set of clips here.  Dressed in a stunning black and gold catsuit, unzipped just the perfect amount to entice and arouse the viewer, Miss Trixie is at her seductive best in this clip as she tempts, persuades and seduces you deeper under her control.  As you watch her hips sway side to side, listen to her sensual voice and watch her hands slowly trace along her perfect body, you are being forever changed by your Goddess. 
By the time you’ve watched the entire clip, Miss Trixie will be so deeply inside your head that she’ll own you.  Just the mere momentary glimpse of her perfect beauty will be enough to bring you to your knees, offering your Goddess anything she desires.  Respond to your Mistress.  Feel the control she takes from you more and more as you lose all possibility of resistance.  Watch as an expert Seductress proves that to get what she wants, yelling and demands are not necessary.  A sensual word, a seductive movement, and of course, those perfect curves in that spellbinding catsuit are more than enough to break down any barriers you may have to her enslaving you entirely.  Welcome to your new existence.  From this point forward, Miss Trixie knows exactly how to get your full attention and devotion.  Respond to your Mistress as she’s programmed you to do slaveboy!

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Clip Name: Respond To My Image Hypnosis 2
Models In The Clip: Trixie Miss
Date Reviewed: October 24th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $14.99

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