Clip Review: Poppers and Ass Play – Featuring Divine Goddess Jessica

by Michael Smith
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She can talk a slave into almost anything! Goddess Jessica is persuasive beyond words, and in today’s clip, the spectacular leather-clad dream Goddess wants you to push your boundaries and enjoy being a kinky little slut for her.  Look at her sexy thigh high boots and that remarkable ass of hers as she teases you until you’re horny as hell! But that’s not enough.  Today you’re going to experience desire and lust like you never have.  Take a sniff of those poppers Goddess instructed you to buy.  Feel the rush as every thought leaves your mind and you become almost animalistic in how horny you feel.  You want to stroke, you want to obey Goddess Jessica, and you want to pump your ass with that dildo she made you buy at the local sex shop.  Can you imagine how good it will feel to pound your ass with that huge dong?
Another sniff and you feel yourself opening up.  The lust consumes you.  You watch the most perfect woman ever teasing you with her ass as she tells you how to violate your own.  Pump that dick deep into your ass and take another sniff.  You can’t resist…you’re out of control…and that’s exactly as Goddess Jessica likes it.  Play her games and obey her every word.  Goddess Jessica always knows what you need even before you are willing to admit it.  Find out how good it feels to let go of every inhibition and unleash your most secret desires under Goddess Jessica’s spell. 
Buying this clip actually had me searching poppers online and asking Goddess Jessica about them.  One day I will experience them, perhaps under Goddess Jessica’s guidance, and once again, she will open levels of kink in my mind I never imagined.  She is as persuasive as ever in this clip, and you can’t say no.  Let go and surrender control as Goddess Jessica brings to life your darkest desires and hottest fantasies in an clip that is a must for any slave!

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Clip Name: Poppers and Ass Play
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: December 21st,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $16.99

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