Clip Review: Orgasm Control & Denial JOI – Featuring Twin Goddesses Brooke and Vikki

by Michael Smith
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To stroke or not to stroke? That is the question…and the building conflict within your mind as breathtakingly beautiful twins, Goddess Vikki and Goddess Brooke each tempt and tease you in their own unique styles.  Goddess Brooke, dressed in lacy lingerie and angel’s wings is the playful Temptress who wants you to feel good.  She wants you to stroke while you look at her beautiful body.  She’s so sweet and innocent, she even lets you drool over her spectacular breasts as she tempts you to stroke and cum as much as you want.  Goddess Vikki, herself dressed provocatively in red, of course, is the Devil of Denial and knows that you’ll be much better off if you deny yourself the pleasure.  She wants you to suffer in agony as she shows you what you want so badly, but denies you the pleasure that would come from stroking and cumming.  She demands you not listen to the tempting little angel and keep that hand off your cock!
In their very own version of Good vs Evil, twin Goddesses, Brooke and Vikki, both accomplish exactly as intended…absolute arousal in the viewer.  They both look stunning and are completely irresistible.  The question is, who do you obey? Will you stroke for Goddess Brooke, or deny yourself to please Goddess Vikki? After you buy this clip and endure the agonizing torture of their temptation, let them know which twin wins your soul, won’t you?

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Clip Name: Orgasm Control & Denial JOI
Models In The Clip: Goddess Brooke & Goddess Vikki
Date Reviewed: September 1st,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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