Clip Review: Open House Homewreckers – Featuring Divine Goddess Jessica & Goddess Lindsey Leigh

by Michael Smith
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You and your wife are hosting an open house and are hoping today is the day you sell your most prized asset, your home.  You’ve discussed what price you will settle for and are firm on the number…at least you thought you were.  All that changes when two of the most beautiful women you could ever imagine walk in like they own the place…and they soon will! Straight from your ultimate darkest fantasies, Goddess Jessica and Goddess Lindsey are the perfect blonde/brunette duo you’ve dreamed about.  Even your wife can’t help but stare as they strut in and command your attention.  That firm price you and your wife had discussed is no match for the raging firmness in your pants in the presence of these two manipulative, seductive Goddesses, now is it?


As they peel off their clothes to reveal flawlessly beautiful bodies in sexy lingerie, your resolve melts away.  These perfect Temptresses will have anything they want, and today what they want is your house.  They have an offer to make and you will not be able to refuse them.  $1 for your house? Any sane man would never make this deal, but in their presence, thinking isn’t an option.  Do as they command.  You know that pleasing Goddess Jessica and Goddess Lindsey is all that matters.  And as you sign away your house, and as your wife falls easily under their spell too, proving that lesser women are no more immune to their persuasion than men are, there’s nothing you can do to resist their blend of erotic temptation and humiliation. 

This clip is another classic from two Goddesses that are perfect together.  Not only are they the best of friends, they are truly partners in crime! Their combined brattiness is off the charts, and any clip they make together should be bought immediately. There’s nothing that compares to the way these two perfect women manipulate and control men together.  The effect is devastating and no man can resist.  Enjoy!

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Clip Name: Open House Homewreckers
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica & Goddess Lindsey
Date Reviewed: July 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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