Clip Review: Nylon Fetish Negotiations: Tease & Denial – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores

by Michael Smith
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Did you really think a message left with her secretary was an appropriate way to inform the gorgeous Dr. Mandy Flores that you were terminating your fetish therapy sessions? Did you really think you were cured and ready to move on into the real world without her support? Silly boy.  Now that she’s lured you back to her office again, she’s going to test your resolve with a brand new fetish, and the instant she reveals her stocking-clad legs and those high heels, you realize how seriously overmatched you really are.  Your pants are down and cock out in no time as the controlling, dominant Mistress Mandy Flores takes charge.  You’re not going anywhere.  She’s not nearly done exploring your kinky fetishes and exploiting them for her own amusement and gain. 
Admit your weakness and embrace it.  Take that cock and stroke it while rubbing the silky stockings on Mistress Mandy’s perfect long legs.  Kiss her panty-covered ass and proclaim that you’ll never leave her again.  This therapy will last a life time, and really, how could you want to escape from the presence of such perfect beauty? Beg her to take you back as a patient full-time and promise you’ll never stray again.  She is not only your therapist but controls your very existence.  With a simply display of stockings and heels, she’s revealed you for what you are…a submissive fetishist who can’t control himself in the presence of a beautiful dominant Goddess.  There’s so much work to do, now isn’t there slave?
Mistress Mandy looks incredible in this clip! What a stunning beauty and her seduction is something to behold.  No man could resist stroking when she turns on the charm and takes charge.  What an absolute Goddess!! Enjoy true stunning female domination and seductive control.  No one does it like Mistress Mandy Flores! No one!

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Clip Name: Nylon Fetish Negotiations: Tease & Denial
Models In The Clip: Mistress Mandy Flores
Date Reviewed: September 19th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $13.99

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