Clip Review: Nightie Night Daddy – Featuring Goddess Christina

by Michael Smith
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Where to begin in this review? Quite simply…this is a MUST BUY clip from an absolute perfect Goddess! This clip is taboo, it’s wickedly seductive, it’s wrong in so many ways that you simply can’t help but give in, and it’s simply as erotic as any clip you’ll buy! Goddess Christina looks breathtaking in her seductive knees socks, heels and tiny shirt and hot pants.  She’s the ultimate Temptress and her stepdaddy has no chance to enforce any of the rules he had hoped to.  Not that she needed any more help, but your willingness to drink the Triple V’s she makes you ended any hope of resistance for you. 
Anything she wants, gorgeous stepdaughter Christina will have.  Once she has you comfortably under her spell, feeling the effects of her special concoction, she begins to tease and tempt you into stroking for her. Every time is the same.  You start out trying to be strict but let your guard down even a little as she sweetly talks you into taking the drink.  From there, you’re putty in her hand and she takes total control.  You want her so badly, and in this vulnerable state, you can’t stop yourself from admitting it.  Your pants drop, your cock comes out and you stroke for your gorgeous stepdaughter exactly as she tells you to.  You won’t remember surrendering so completely when you wake up, but by then Christina will have taken everything she wanted in the first place, leaving you wondering where the sexy clothes and money came from and knowing that your stepdaughter is as dangerous as she is beautiful.  Sleep well stepdaddy, and know that you can be controlled more easily than you ever imagined!
Every clip she makes is amazing, and Goddess Christina is one of the hottest women you will ever see.  But her recent clips have shown her becoming even more seductive, more erotic and more in tune with how to get inside a man’s fetish and twist him up in it to her advantage.  As incredible as her early clips have been, she’s only just getting started.  Scary thoughts for those slaves like myself who couldn’t resist her before, and are getting weaker with every clip release she makes!

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Clip Name: Nightie Night Daddy
Models In The Clip: Goddess Christina
Date Reviewed: September 24th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $24.99
Christina3 Christina4

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