Clip Review: My Sexy Lips Drive You Wild – Featuring Goddess Sasha Mizaree

by Michael Smith
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I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting Goddess Sasha in person, touring her dungeon and even playing chauffeur for her as she needed to pick up some lingerie.  This girl is seriously hot, and I know I’m not telling anyone something they didn’t already know.  That said, when I saw her with her sexy contacts and painted pouty lips in this clip, it took my lust to a whole new level! Watching as she seductively traced her tongue over her lips in as seductive a gesture as I’ve seen since watching Ceara Lynch do it in her clips, I was hard in an instant.  I will admit…and please know that when you watch the clip yourself you’ll understand…I had to watch this clip several times before ever making it through to take the screencaps you see in this review.


If Goddess Sasha doesn’t push you over the edge with her tongue tracing…and she will…she’ll certainly make you squirm and explode when she seductively sucks her finger and traces her tongue along it.  Why is that gesture so damn sexy!?! Watch her slowly and methodically turn her tongue and lip tease into an addiction you won’t recover from. 

Goddess Sasha makes amazing clips and this one is my current favourite.  I say current, because, no doubt, she’ll make a new one soon that will blow me away once again.  Buy this clip, sit back and let this perfect seductress work her way into your mind.  Once she’s in your head, she’ll own you!

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Clip Name: My Sexy Lips Drive You Wild
Models In The Clip: Goddess Sasha Mizaree
Date Reviewed: June 25th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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