Clip Review: Kaelin & Ellie’s Poppers JOI – Featuring Princess Ellie & Princess Kaelin

by Michael Smith
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If the idea of turning over total control of your cock to a deliciously sexy brunette/redhead duo appeals to you, look no further than this incredible JOI clip from gorgeous Princess Ellie and Princess Kaelin! And not that these two Temptresses need any help to drive you wild, but with a little extra push from some Poppers, they’ll have you begging to cum as they tease you with their sexy stroking games.  Both Princesses are so beautiful with their long legs and tight little asses.  They’re everything you dream of and they’re right there directing you to stroke yourself to the edge for them.  So close to that satisfying orgasm you so desperately crave, but will they grant you permission? Will they allow you release, or leave you blue-balled and whimpering?
Like cats toying with a mouse, the Princesses tease you while laughing together at your desperation.  They clearly enjoy your suffering and will take you to the breaking point with ease.  How long will you last? How hard will they make you beg out loud for that which you desire so badly? Be a good boy and kneel for Princess Ellie and Princess Kaelin and obey their every command.  Stroke when you are told, and only then.  Stroke exactly like they tell you to, and stop when you feel yourself losing control.  Control is for beautiful Princesses like Ellie and Kaelin, and they know exactly how far to push that cock of yours.  Surrender all control and put yourself in the very capable hands of this diabolical duo.  If you’re a good boy, and obey them perfectly, they MIGHT allow you to cum 😉
Two Domme clips can either be amazing, or disappointing.  Sometimes the chemistry isn’t quite right, or there’s an awkwardness as one Domme isn’t quite sure how to play off the other on film.  This clip is the perfect example of how it can be done right.  Ellie and Kaelin clearly enjoy working together, are of like mind in enjoying teasing a slave to the edge, and they pass you back and forth as the viewer seamlessly.  Enjoy not one, but two gorgeous cock teases in action in this awesome clip that’s a must buy!

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Clip Name: Kaelin & Ellie’s Poppers JOI
Models In The Clip: Princess Ellie & Princess Kaelin
Date Reviewed: February 9th,2016
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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