Clip Review: Jerk Over My DD’s – Featuring Goddess Foxx

by Michael Smith
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Miss Foxx UK - <span class='highlight_me'><b>Jerk</b></span> Over My DD's *custom*

Ebony Goddess Miss Foxx uses Her magnificent all natural Double D’s and Her sensuous full black lips to humiliate Her bitch as She intrusts him to jerk his pathetic white cock.

Dressed in red, skin-tight leather leggings and low-cut cropped top, She leans into the camera and taunts Her bitch.


“I am your fantasy, everything you have dreamed of but you will never get cause you are a dumb white bitch” Then She puts Her amazing ebony lips close to the camera and commands him to jerk.


She slowly counts to ten in Her cultured English voice, licking those sexy lips and using Her perfectly manicured red nails to add to the torment.


It will take the height of restraint for the dumb bitch not to shoot his pathetic load. Miss Foxx rises and Her Awesome A$$ towers over the loser as She threatens to tease and deny his little white dick.


At this point the boy doesn’t know whether he is coming or going.


Next comes Her Magnificent Mammaries, right into the camera, to tease and taunt.


As She caresses and squeezes Her amazing breasts She reminds the bitch that he could never have an Ebony Goddess, such as She. Only a confident Alpha will ever have those Double D’s and he is nothing but a pathetic submissive loser.


She again slowly counts to ten for Her boy to jerk. Can he survive without cumming? Miss Foxx once more gives the boy the Lip treatment. This time She ends the count by sucking Her finger and morphing it into a disdainful middle finger salute. By now the boy knows his place and Goddess Foxx commences the completion of this stunning clip.


Her Breasts once more do the damage as She instructs the boy to jerk furiously on a quick count to ten as She jiggles and caresses.


It’s done….. Miss Foxx sits back on Her chair, dismisses the bitch, tells him to clean himself up and instructs him to visit again for further humiliation.


This is a cock-shattering clip! The Peerless Ebony Goddess, Miss Foxx, once again putting us white boys in our place, is essential viewing. Buy this amazing clip from Goddess Miss Foxx through her Clips4sale store.

Clip Name: Jerk Over My DD’s
Models In The Clip: Goddess Foxx
Date Reviewed: August4th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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