Clip Review: Inconvenient Cum – Featuring Mistress Gaia

by Michael Smith
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Bound tightly, restrained and vulnerable, you are completely exposed and available to your beautiful Mistress Gaia.  She could do anything she desires with you, or to you, and today she’s going to allow you the distinct privilege of worshiping her perfect long legs and her exquisitely beautiful ass.  What a reward and treat for this lucky slaveboy, and after arousing him with her beauty, Mistress decides it’s time to milk her little aroused pet!
As uncomfortable as his bound position is for this slaveboy, the pleasure of worshiping such perfect beauty, kissing those legs up and down, sucking on the toe of Mistress Gaia’s high heels, and kissing that amazing Domme ass, have all had the desired effect and this slaveboy is throbbing for his Mistress.  Pulling his cock out, Mistress Gaia begins to stroke it and her slave quickly responds by getting fully erect and moaning as her hand slides up and down his shaft.  Soon Mistress tires of doing all the work and instructs her slave to fuck her hand and he obediently begins thrusting pathetically in and out of her hand, desperate for release.  Finally, Mistress Gaia increases her grip and pace and soon after the slave is allowed to shoot his filthy load into a bowl.  I think we all know what will happen after that! All good slaves clean up their mess, right?
Watching Mistress Gaia objectify and enslave men in session is something I could never get tired of.  She’s obviously drop-dead gorgeous, and has a spectacular body, but more than that, her attitude is intoxicating.  Slaves are toys to be played with.  They are there to amuse and please her.  Sometimes they suffer, other times they are humiliated and permitted to earn privileges.  At all times, a slave is nothing more than a part of Mistress Gaia’s world and total compliance and obedience is demanded.  This is true Femdom and Female Superiority in action, and as I said, it’s quite intoxicating to watch!

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Clip Name: Inconvenient Cum
Models In The Clip: Mistress Gaia
Date Reviewed: February 11th,2016
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $5.99

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