Clip Review: I Will Have This Modeling Job – Featuring Princess Lacey

by Michael Smith
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She made quite the impression in her modeling interview, but you decided the sexy blonde just wasn’t quite tall enough and right for the shoot.  There’s no disputing that she made your cock stir though, and when she shows up later wanting to see you again, you think you’re in for a great night of fucking a gorgeous, sexy girl.  As Lacey undresses in front of you, you realize her body is even hotter than you first thought.  She’s not only gorgeous but this girl knows how to seduce, and before long she has you stroking for her.

Lacey4 Lacey2

As she crawls onto the bed and wiggles her ass at you, your stroking increases and you’re so aroused you don’t even notice that this little temptress has her phone out and is taking video of you jerking off for her.  Suddenly you realize you’re the one who’s going to be fucked tonight, just not in the way you thought.  With video of you jerking your dick, Princess Lacey has ensured your total cooperation in the future.  You’ll do anything to keep others from finding out you were jerking off with your pants around your ankles with one of your models, won’t you? And you can start by giving Princess Lacey that modeling job you turned her down for!

The opening scene of this clip, where Princess Lacey unbuttons and opens her coat (see gif above) is so damn sexy, it was hard not to cum right there! Her body is rockin’ and she begins to flirt perfectly.  She’s as sexy as any woman you will ever encounter and this clip is easy to imagine happening in real life to an unsuspecting guy.  Princess Lacey is a gorgeous temptress and she knows how to manipulate men into compromising positions.  Do you really think you’d resist her and be any different?

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Clip Name: I Will Have This Modeling Job
Models In The Clip: Princess Lacey
Date Reviewed: June 22nd,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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