Clip Review: I Can Explain – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

by Michael Smith
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This Christmas, the line between the “Naughty” list and the “Nice” one isn’t as obvious as you might think.  Gorgeous Princess Nikki has been a total brat this year, and every year, actually, taking advantage of weak men and draining their wallets with her perfect curves and bratty domination.  She’s used her long legs in sexy high heels, her spectacular breasts and stunning beauty to break men down and turn them out into whimpering wallet sluts for her throughout the entire year.  She is responsible for more married men straying than you can imagine, and has likely caused many marriages to fall to pieces with her irresistible tempting and teasing.  Bankruptcy in men is at an all time high as men simply cannot resist Princess Nikki when she lures them into her web of seduction.  They spent more than they could ever afford on gifts and tributes, and yet Princess Nikki relentlessly demanded more each time, and they obeyed her until they were ruined. In short, Princess Nikki was a VERY bad girl this year!
With all that bad behaviour, you would assume that Princess Nikki is most definitely the first name on the “Naughty” list, right? Not so fast.  You see Santa, like every other man, isn’t immune to the type of temptation and weakness Princess Nikki specializes in.  In this remarkably sexy holiday clip, Princess shows exactly why she’s able to make men do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.  Teasing and playful, Princess is dressed in sexy holiday attire that will have Santa throbbing with desire.  His sack will be full alright, but not with toys! She’s not really that naughty, he thinks, as he spoils her with gifts and cash, just like any regular man would.  Merry Christmas Princess Nikki! You may be the naughtiest of them all, but you’re Santa’s favourite and he can’t help but spoil you. 
I don’t know where she found it, but the shirt Princess Nikki wears in this clip is absolutely perfect.  She’s a financial destroyer of men and so easily could be viewed as naughty.  Yet perfect beauty and seductive ways make us weak, and denying a woman this gorgeous of anything simply isn’t going to happen.  Enjoy spending your Christmas money on the stunning Princess Nikki.  Buy this clip, and while you watch her explaining how easy it was to drain all those other men, don’t be surprised when you find yourself sending a tribute of your own.  You don’t really want to deny this perfect Princess, do you? Even Santa couldn’t resist giving her everything she desires!

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Clip Name: I Can Explain
Models In The Clip: Bratty Princess Nikki
Date Reviewed: December 29th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99
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