Clip Review: Homewrecker: I Earned the Title – Featuring Goddess Breanna

by Michael Smith
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There is something dangerously erotic about the irresistible temptress who decides to destroy a marriage.  The inability to resist no matter the damage it may cause is an alluring and intoxicating fantasy.  In this amazing clip the gorgeous Goddess Breanna, dressed in a fishnet bodystocking that could leave you drooling, and broken as you take in her every curve, explains exactly why she’s the Queen of Homewrecking.  Not only does the Blonde Goddess of your dreams let you know that it’s time for you to get rid of your wife, but she makes a special point of letting wifey know she’s out of her league.

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Your addiction to Goddess Breanna is so strong that every attempt by your wife to hold onto you, to take away your access to the woman who has taken over your mind, body and soul is pointless.  No matter what lengths your wife goes to as she tries desperately to keep you from Goddess Breanna, you find your way back to her.  You can’t live without her, and nothing your wife does will prevent the inevitable.  What sets this clip apart from other homewrecker clips is the message Goddess Breanna has for your wife.  It’s cruel, it’s humiliating and directly to the point.  She’s better than your wife, she’s in total control of you, and your wife’s marriage is securely in her grasp to do with as she sees fit.  Wifey better step back, learn her place, and stop getting in the way or Goddess Breanna will have you for herself and wifey loses her marriage forever.  What a perfect blend of homewrecking and Alpha female supremacy over another woman all in this must buy clip!

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Clip Name: One Homewrecker – I Earned the Title
Models In The Clip: Goddess Breanna
Date Reviewed: May 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $16.99

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