Clip Review: Greedy Shiny Ass – Featuring Princess Mackayla

by Michael Smith
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She knows her perfect ass leaves men weak and drooling wherever she goes.  Slipping on those shiny pink leggings, Princess Mackayla is ready to devastate men everywhere.  We don’t stand a chance! You can’t resist giving her whatever she wants as she tempts and teases you with her shiny pink ass.  Squeezing those tight young cheeks, sliding her hands all over that smooth fabric you can only dream of touching, Princess Mackayla is everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but could never have. 
Her greed is as powerful as her seductive allure, and men will fall to their knees and hand over everything to gorgeous Princess Mackayla.  She’s the girl of your dreams…and paying tribute to her is as close as you’ll ever get to pleasing a stunning Princess like her.  Be a good pay pig and tribute hugely for the privilege of gazing upon the perfection of Princess Mackayla’s magnificent ass in shiny pink leggings.

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Clip Name: Greedy Shiny Ass
Models In The Clip: Princess Mackayla
Date Reviewed: January 23rd,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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