Clip Review: Goddess Worship Forever – Featuring Goddess Bratty Bunny

by Michael Smith
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Goddess Worship Forever

“Praise Goddess Bunny” – Learn your new mantra
It began with a lustful desire the instant you saw Goddess Bratty Bunny and has grown exponentially with every interaction you’ve had with the woman of your dreams.  Thoughts of her perfect long legs, exquisitely beautiful ass and her bratty attitude consume your every thought.  This goes deeper than obsession, or even addiction.  This is full-fledged Goddess Worship.  You have fallen deeply under Goddess Bratty Bunny’s seductive spell, and nothing you will ever experience in your life can match the feeling you get devoting yourself to her. 
From the moment you first kneel before her, you become her property.  She owns you forever and your worship of her will never end.  This is an addiction that can never be cured, because you won’t ever want to break away.  With every clip she releases, Goddess lures you deeper under her spell, wrapping you tighter around her little finger.  Don’t think, slave…just worship.  Devote your entire existence to pleasing and serving your Queen.  That’s a good pet.  Everything for your Goddess Bratty Bunny because what you will offer to her, like your need to please her, will never be enough!

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Clip Name: Goddess Worship Forever
Models In The Clip: Goddess Bratty Bunny
Date Reviewed: January 27th,2016
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $15.99

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