Clip Review: Getting You In Trouble – Featuring Princess Kelly Sunshine

by Michael Smith
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Your obsession with jerking your cock and cumming FAR too fast has pissed off the bratty Princess Kelly Sunshine, and today she’s going to make you pay for it! Sure, she’ll let you stroke your cock, but while you do, she wants it risky and absolutely humiliating for you.  You’re going to take chances you never imagined as you risk everything to listen and stroke where your wife could so easily catch you.  And as you do, Princess Kelly will tease and taunt you while telling you what an absolute cumeating loser you are for her.
Again and again, you’ll watch this clip and put your marriage at risk because you simply cannot resist the gorgeous brat who owns your cock.  Princess Kelly is an expert Humiliatrix and cock control tease.  You’re addiction to jerking off to her clips will be the ruin of you and that makes Princess Kelly laugh at how pathetic you really are.  No self control whatsoever, right slave? That’s it…jerk your dick and let your wife find out she’s been replaced.  Let her realize in horror that you’d rather pump your fist while on your knees for the gorgeous and bratty Princess Kelly than fuck her.  What a sad little husband you really are! Now get to work loser! Go get yourself into more trouble than you ever though you would.  Princess has other losers to break and marriages to ruin.  You didn’t think you were special did you?
Her long legs, and sensual beauty will enslave you in an instant.  Her bratty demeanor is irresistible and Princess Kelly has no regard for your marriage.  In this humiliating and ruthless homewrecker clip, she is overwhelming in her commands.  You won’t be able to stop yourself, but you should.  She’s addictive and bratty and you won’t be able to get enough! You’ve been warned lol.

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Clip Name: Getting You In Trouble
Models In The Clip: Princess Kelly Sunshine
Date Reviewed: September 26th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $13.99

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