Clip Review: Get Me Pregnant While Your Wife Watches – Featuring Goddess Kendra Kennedy

by Michael Smith
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Goddess Kendra Kennedy isn’t satisfied with just taking another woman’s husband.  No, the breathtaking blonde seductress isn’t going to stop at having an affair with the married man of her choice, she’s going to make sure she torments the inferior wife by taunting her with all the ways in which she’s had her husband.  With your wife looking on, Goddess Kendra shows off every one of your favorite outfits on her flawless body and talks about all the places you’ve fucked and how good the year long affair has been.  She belittles and humiliates your wife, showing her definitively who the true Alpha is in the room.


You can’t help but get aroused as you listen and watch Goddess Kendra slowly ruin your marriage by revealing every detail of her affair with you.  She’s your new woman and will take you away from your wife, have you for her own and even have you get her pregnant and have your baby.  Your wife’s marriage is over, she’s lost everything to a woman so superior to her there’s no comparison.  This taboo homewrecker clip is seriously hot! Goddess Kendra is so beautiful and her body is so perfect.  Her huge spectacular breasts, tight and toned body that has curves in all the places that make men drool, and her superior attitude, make this a must have clip.  With women like Goddess Kendra in this world, no marriage is safe!

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Clip Name: Get Me Pregnant…While Your Wife Watches
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kendra Kennedy
Date Reviewed: May 1st,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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