Clip Review: Face Sit Smother – Featuring Miss Cali Carter

by Michael Smith
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Just imagine the feeling of desire and helplessness all at once.  Laying back, your cock bound in chastity, unable to get even fully hard inside it’s cage, you hear the click of heels approaching you and all at once you are looking up at the sensational full ass of Miss Cali Carter.  She is the ultimate blonde of your dreams and she straddles you and begins to lower herself down onto your face.  Your world goes dark and you exist to simply amuse and please the perfect facesitting blonde who will use you today.  She controls when you breathe, and each time she takes you a little farther beyond your limit until you’re gasping for a precious gulp of air.  And while she plays with your ability to breath, what is this gorgeous blonde Temptress doing? She’s checking out her nails, playing with her hair and chewing her gum like it’s no big deal whatsoever that she’s using your face as a chair!
As she turns around to press her warm, wet panty-covered pussy against your face, you look up helplessly at her and she’s clearly aroused by the power she holds over you.  That’s it pet, struggle for Miss Cali.  She loves the way your nose presses against her clit as she glides back and forth.  In fact, she’s going to use your face to cum and isn’t going to stop riding it until she’s finished with you.  Just because you’re locked up in chastity doesn’t mean Miss Cali can’t have an earth-shattering orgasm by grinding and rubbing her ass and pussy all up and down your face now, does it? Lay back and enjoy the ride this incredibly hot blonde is going to take on your face, slaveboy.  It’s as close to pleasuring a woman this perfect as you’re ever going to get!

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Clip Name: Face Sit Smother
Models In The Clip: Miss Cali Carter
Date Reviewed: January 24th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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