Clip Review: Face Down on the Floor – Featuring Mistress Nikita

by Michael Smith
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Face Down on the <span class='highlight_me'><b>Floor</b></span> - QT

Every day I look forward to tweets from the incredible Mistress Nikita.  She is the ultimate fetish Goddess, and the way she sees men as simply objects to amuse her and satisfy her kinky desires is as erotic as can be! In this stunning dungeon clip, Mistress has her slave toy crawl to her and bow at her feet.  Those feet are clad in the most beautiful black leather, thigh high boots you’ll ever worship.  Mistress Nikita looks breathtaking in all black leather, including a corset and gloves, but what draws even more attention is the HUGE black strapon she has between her legs! There is no doubt what the purpose of that black cock is, and as her sissy slave, dressed in her own corset, fishnets and heels, lies face down on the floor and spreads her legs, Mistress Nikita lubes up her hole in preparation for the pounding it’s about to take.
Once she starts, there’s no stopping Mistress Nikita.  She strapon fucking is deep and brutal as she thrusts in and out of her sissies asshole.  He lies there, hands locked, legs spread and silent, except for the odd moan that escapes unavoidably.  Her slave’s entire existence and purpose in life is to take Mistress Nikita’s cock in silence as she pleasures herself.  Mistress is an expert at strapon fucking and clearly has done this many times before.  Watch in awe and wonder if you could handle having her take your ass so forcefully and thoroughly.  Is your ass twitching in anticipation of her cock? Will you offer yourself to her one day? Of course, good slaves always clean up after themselves, so for good measure to complete the humiliation and degradation, Mistress Nikita has her pet clean her cock when she’s finished using him. 
This is one of the hottest strapon scenes you will ever see! Mistress Nikita is a true Goddess, and it should be on every slave’s “bucket list” to one day kneel before her and offer themselves to her as her slave toy!

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Clip Name: Face Down on the Floor
Models In The Clip: Mistress Nikita
Date Reviewed: August 19th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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