Clip Review: Exercise The Wrist – Featuring Princess Meggerz

by Michael Smith
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Exercise the <span class='highlight_me'><b>Wrist</b></span>

Some clips require complicated explanations of plot and theme in the reviews that I do.  This sexy JOI clip from the sensual and gorgeous Princess Meggerz really doesn’t require that at all.  It’s a simple premise really.  Princess Meggerz is wearing a skintight, hot pink, cutout dress that reveals more skin than it covers.  She has a spectacular body including breasts any woman would die to have.  So far, so good?


Now, as Princess Meggerz slowly caresses her body, she’s going to instruct you exactly how to jerk your cock for her.  And you, of course, will obey her every command because by this point she has you so hard, so aroused and so unable to think, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to please her, right? She who controls the cock, controls the man…and no one understands this more than Princess Meggerz.  Fall under her spell and do exactly as you’re told.  You want to be a good jerkoff boy for Princess now don’t you?

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Clip Name: Exercise The Wrist
Models In The Clip: Princess Meggerz
Date Reviewed: June 25th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $6.99

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