Clip Review: Edging Mindfuck – Featuring Trixie Miss

by Michael Smith
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The instant you see beautiful Trixie Miss reclined in her chair, long legs crossed in fishnet stockings and high heels, your mind begins to weaken.  Her sensual voice invades your mind making any thoughts of disobeying her every command impossible.  You need her.  You can’t be without her control.  You’ll do anything to please and serve her and your hunger for submission to this perfect Mistress is deepening by the second as you watch her.
This clip is pure sensual and seductive domination at it’s finest.  Trixie Miss is the most amazing Temptress you’ll ever kneel before and she knows exactly how to get inside your head and make you weak.  You have no chance to resist her, and why would you ever want to? On your knees, at her feet…that’s where you belong.  From the moment you saw her, your arousal took over.  She has you hard, she has you aching, and she controls your release completely.  Feel yourself drawn to that edge over and over again by your expert Mistress who owns that cock of yours now.  Submit to her commands and do as she says, always!
She is breathtakingly beautiful, as usual, and Trixie Miss knows exactly what buttons to push to excite us and make us vulnerable to her charms.  This clip is erotic, but sensual and classy altogether.  I can’t recommend this clip highly enough to do it justice.  You have to experience her seductive style to understand.  A must buy clip if ever there was one!

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Clip Name: Edging Mindfuck
Models In The Clip: Trixie Miss
Date Reviewed: October 15th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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