Clip Review: Don’t Stop Jerking – Featuring Princess Lexie

by Michael Smith
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Dont Stop Jerking

From her long blonde hair, to those impossibly long, sexy legs, every inch of Princess Lexie is pure erotic perfection, built to seduce men and drain them of everything they have. Men are nothing more than toys to be played with and broken by this gorgeous Princess, and today, she wants to play a stroking game with you.  Of course you’ll stroke for her.  One glimpse of her rare beauty and you become a hopelessly addicted jerkoff puppet, right?
So go ahead, do what you do best.  Stroke that dick of yours to Princess Lexie.  You have her permission.  Just don’t stop…ever! Of course you’ll cum quickly…you always do when watching her, but don’t you dare stop stroking.  Get that pathetic dick of yours raw so next time you stroke it reminds you of what an addicted little stroking slut you really are.  Princess will tease, tempt and entice you and even when it hurts you won’t want to stop!
Sometimes when I’m taking screenshots to review Princess Lexie’s clips, I find myself looking and just spellbound by how perfect she is.  I mean, could you dream up a more seductive and perfect woman to tease and tempt men? She’s cute, gorgeous, sexy and wicked…all in perfect proportions.  Do as she says…like you really had any other choice?

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Clip Name: Don’t Stop Jerking
Models In The Clip: Princess Lexie
Date Reviewed: December 2nd,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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