Clip Review: Do As You’re Told – Featuring Goddess Lucy Zara

by Michael Smith
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You couldn’t resist even if you tried.  She lures you back and you crawl to the feet of your buxom blonde Goddess Lucy where you belong.  Her tight black latex hugs her every perfect curve and you’re left spellbound and kneeling.  Sit on your hands, she tells you, and you obey without hesitation.  She knows how badly you want to stroke for her, and how tempting it is as she caresses her massive tits as you drool.  But you’ll do exactly as you’re told, and obey her every order.  Goddess Lucy is in total control and you’re nothing more than her obedient pet.
If you’re a very good boy, and survive the relentless teasing Goddess Lucy will put you through, she might give you the chance to take that cock of yours out and earn the chance to cum.  Do you think the Goddess of your dreams is feeling generous today, or will she send you home blue-balled once again? Beg hard, slaveboy.  Impress Goddess Lucy with your ability to do exactly as you’re told like a good boy!

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Clip Name: Do As You’re Told
Models In The Clip: Goddess Lucy Zara
Date Reviewed: January 23rd,2016
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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