Clip Review: Devil Worship – Featuring Brat Princess Sarah Diavola

by Michael Smith
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Well behaved boys are always lurking on the edge of ruin and all it really takes is a little temptation to push them over the edge.  Paying you a visit today is the Devil herself…what you thought Satan was male? Hardly! Temptation comes in the form of the gorgeous Princess Sarah Diavola in a skintight, revealing shiny red outfit that is sure to make a sinner out of any man.  It’s no fun being good all the time, is it slave? You know you want to betray your faith and stroke it to the Devil’s perfect curves.  She’s flawlessly sexy and so tempting, you can’t help but drop those pants and stroke that rock hard dick of yours for her.  That’s it…give in to temptation!
Of course this transgression will cost you your soul, but look at those long legs, that tight perfect ass and those shiny tits with that red hot fabric stretched across them so perfectly.  You don’t want to be good when being bad is this erotic, now do you? That’s it…give in and stroke yourself over that bible of yours.  Commit the ultimate sin, the most reprehensible act of blasphemy possible, and spill that seed for your new Master, the Devil herself.  You’ll spend eternity in the fires of hell, but with a Domme like Princess Sarah in control, who wouldn’t want to bow down and take the Devil as their new Master?

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Clip Name: Devil Worship
Models In The Clip: Princess Sarah Diavola
Date Reviewed: December 12th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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