Clip Review: Desire The Dick – Featuring Goddess Christina

by Michael Smith
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She is as beautiful and desirable as any woman you’ve ever seen, and dressed in all black including over the knee black leather boots, Goddess Christina is as irresistible as any woman could ever be.  She teases, tempts and seduces you completely in this erotic forced bi clip that will leave you both aroused and confused.  Once Goddess Christina has you fully turned on for her, she tells you what she truly wants…absolute devotion.  You’ll do anything for her, won’t you?
Christina1 Christina2
Pleasing your perfect redheaded Temptress is all that matters to you.  Once she has you throbbing hard, no matter what Goddess Christina asks of you, no matter what she tells you she wants from you, you will give to her.  The thought of sucking another man’s cock is something you’d never consider, right? You’re straight and like women like Goddess Christina, but once she has you so hard you’re ready to explode, knowing how much it excites her to manipulate you, you’re primed and ready for her to expand your limits.  Let yourself go.  Surrender to what Goddess wants and look at that erotic gay imagery she’s put before you.  Don’t stop stroking.  Goddess wants you to enjoy all that cock and gay sex.  Let it excite you as much as seeing her did.  Confusing isn’t it, slave? What is it really that gets that dick of yours hard and when you cum, if she allows it, will you be lusting for that throbbing dick in your throat because you know it would please Goddess Christina, or because secretly you want that cock more than you could ever admit? When Goddess is done with you, you won’t be sucking dick because she wants you to…you’ll do it because you desire it!

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Clip Name: Desire The Dick
Models In The Clip: Goddess Christina
Date Reviewed: September 9th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $21.99
Christina4 Christina5

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