Clip Review – Crack 7 – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

by Michael Smith
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Your addiction began long ago and has now become an all-consuming force in your life.  From your first glimpse of Princess Nikki’s exquisitely perfect ass, you were hooked.  Every time you think you’ve gained control and focus, she releases another clip in the series and you fall harder than ever before.  Each time she finds a new shiny bikini to put on that displays her ass and frames it so perfectly, you fall deeper into addiction and submission.  Watch as she sways her hips, twerks a little, and squeezes those firm, round cheeks, and know you’ve lost all control. 
Princess Nikki owns you with her ass and there’s nothing you won’t do for that next fix.  You buy every clip she releases, you troll her wishlist buying every bikini she demands of you knowing you can’t help but ache until you see it on her amazing ass.  And when she demands you pay tribute to her perfection, you do so without hesitation because you know that you would never survive without that exquisite ass that consumes your every thought.  Bow down loser, you’re in serious trouble.  Nothing is as addictive as crack, and Bratty Nikki has the best in town!  Ready for another hit, slave? Beg hard…spend harder…fall deeper!

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Clip Name: Crack 7
Models In The Clip: Bratty Princess Nikki
Date Reviewed: November 22nd,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.99

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