Clip Review: Conspiring Against You – Featuring Princess Ashley & Miss London Lix

by Michael Smith
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Did you really think you could get away with it? Did you think beautiful Dommes like Princess Ashley and Miss London don’t talk to one another and compare notes on slaves? You thought you were so clever holding back certain information from one, and sharing it with the other, so the complete puzzle couldn’t be put together, didn’t you? Always holding enough back that neither Domme had enough to hold over you and blackmail you into ruin and under their absolute control.  But guess what slaveboy? These two PVC-clad Goddesses have teamed up and by combining your information, they have everything they need to completely destroy you!
Ash1 Ash2
Fear excites you doesn’t it slave? Of course looking at the two perfect beauties before you in their sexy thigh high boots, and PVC fetish wear would be enough to make any man throb, but your hardon comes from more than that.  That terror inside you is making you more aroused than ever before.  Admit the adrenaline rush going through you as Princess Ashley and Miss London explain exactly what they know about you after combining information.  Think about the damage these two Dommes could do to you! And make no mistake, these are ruthless Dommes who wouldn’t think twice about ruining you if you don’t play by their rules.  You deserve this fear you’re feeling and you know it’s of your own making.  Thinking you could outsmart either Princess Ashley or Miss London? Really? Silly slave…you never stood a chance with one of them, let alone when they team up to ruin you!
I’m quite certain the screenshots and gif alone will convince you to buy this clip, but in case you’re not already drooling and ready to buy, this is one of the hottest double Domme clips I’ve seen.  Both Dommes look breathtaking in black PVC and they tease so perfectly.  Listening to them talk about how easy it would be to destroy you makes you actually want to be that vulnerable…that exposed…that perilously under their control.  For fans of blackmail by two gorgeous and wicked Dommes, you won’t be able to resist this one! You might want to be careful what you share with them though…of course, what would be the fun in that, right?

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Clip Name: Conspiring Against You
Models In The Clip: Princess Ashley & Miss London Lix
Date Reviewed: February 9th,2016
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99
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