Clip Review: Can’t Touch Us – Featuring Lady Nina Leigh and Goddess Jasmine

by Michael Smith
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It’s an agonizing cruelty that women like Lady Nina Leigh and Goddess Jasmine can make you so desperate and so eager to please them despite your deep down knowledge that you have absolutely no chance with either of them.  By themselves, each of these shiny bikini-clad Temptresses is enough to make you ache with lust and desperation.  Together, their seductive tease and denial is devastating to any man.


You watch as they seductively tease you with their perfect curves in those tiny little shiny metallic bikinis and you hungrily dream of ways you might actually one day be good enough to be with someone this perfect.  But your reality is that you’re a sad little loser and these hungry predators know that by getting you hard they can take anything they desire from you.  You’ll eagerly offer them anything for just the faint hope of bowing before them.  Dream on slaves! Lady Nina Leigh and Goddess Jasmine are so far out of your league it’s laughable that you think you have a chance.  Crave their attention, beg for the privilege of being their little bitchboy, and serve your purpose as their pathetic slave. 

What a gorgeous clip this is! Both Dommes look incredible, as they always do, and the bikinis are stunning on their beautiful bodies.  Not that they need any help, but the sexy British accents as they taunt and tease you just exaggerate how seductive and teasing they are.  The perfect blend of erotic and humiliating in a clip that is a must have for fans of beautiful dominant duos that know exactly the effect they have on any man who watches them! I’m a huge fan of both of these spectacular Dommes individually, and every clip they produce together makes me hunger for them more and more!

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Clip Name: Can’t Touch Us
Models In The Clip: Lady Nina Leigh and Goddess Jasmine
Date Reviewed: May 30th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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