Clip Review: Breaking James Bond – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores

by Michael Smith
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Over the years, James Bond has faced his share of deadly, alluring vixens.  None, however, have come close to the blend of physical superiority and erotic sensuality of 007’s latest nemesis, Agent Mandy.  Dressed in a sexy black dress that shows off her spectacular legs, low cut enough to reveal her perfect cleavage, Agent Mandy begins to systematically break down Bond’s resistance little by little.  She overpowers him physically and makes him pay the price for trying to resist her.  007 is the ultimate company man, and his attempts to resist and repel Agent Mandy’s advances are as noble as they are futile.  In the end, the best woman always wins, and Agent Mandy always gets her man!


It’s not enough for Agent Mandy to overpower and conquer James Bond, she is determined to break his will and turn him into her compliant little pet.  With 007 by her side, nothing will stop this sexy Villainess.  Watch as she lures him into her trap and breaks him down slowly but simply.  Using her physical strength to subdue his resistance, Agent Mandy begins to put her sensual seductiveness to work and the effect on Bond’s resistance is devastating.  Watch him humbled as he crawls to her feet and lays across her lap.  Watch her wrap her long legs around him taking him completely as she seduces him into kissing her passionately, thus revealing his desire to please her.  James Bond won’t be a problem for the gorgeous Goddess any longer.  She’s ensured he knows who the real Boss is, and he will do whatever Agent Mandy desires!

What a hot roleplay clip, once again, from Mistress Mandy Flores.  She is such a perfect seductress that you can see her easily breaking a man’s resolve until he surrenders.  We’ve seen her do it in so many ways, and to watch her set her sights on the famous 007 is awesome!

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Clip Name: Breaking James Bond
Models In The Clip: Mistress Mandy Flores
Date Reviewed: June 21st,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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